trailer home

It went bad almost from the start. An easy money job got complicated and deadly. The last thing a murderous thug wants is a partner with cops on his trail.

From the recently released crime/detective novel, ROPE BREAK:

Toby heard the truck rev as it pulled into his driveway. He turned to Krystal and said, “Get lost. Go out back and smoke a cigarette. I got some private business to do.” She just sat there and looked at him. He slapped her and pulled her up to her feet.

“Okay, okay. I, I’m goin’,” she whimpered. She grabbed her purse and saw the big bearded man climb out of the black truck as she waddled out the small back door, disappearing into the darkness.

Toby stood in the door and watched Flathead walk up to the trailer. Toby thought Flathead looked mad. Flathead yanked the door open and hit Toby hard square on the nose. Toby’s knees buckled and he couldn’t breathe until he opened his mouth and gulped in air and blood from his dripping broken nose. Flathead grabbed Toby’s hair and pulled him into the space between the small kitchen and the couch.

“How the hell did the cops know it was you. You stupid shit. You can’t even shoot straight or you ran your mouth,” Flathead snarled into Toby’s ear. By now the silver .45 was in Flathead’s hand and he screwed it into Toby’s mouth. “Cops all over your old place. They ain’t stupid, they’ll track you down.”

Toby wrenched his head free of the pistol and tried to get up. “No, Head, no! Can’t be, man. You know me, I done what you said!” Tears were streaming down into the blood on Toby’s face.

Flathead dropped a knee into Toby’s side and ribs crunched. Toby moaned and cried, “I did what you…”

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