Back in my former life, I sat with Zippy in the closet many times. The stories were usually bent sideways at first and sometimes never straightened out. But with a little patience and good preparation, more often than not Zippy came around and went for the confession. The trick was knowing what the answers were before asking the questions. Not always doable. Voice, body language, and those little beads of sweat on the upper lip helped guide the process.

So when an on-line magazine featuring authors from several different genres tapped me for an interview, the tables got turned. A little like those few times Internal Affairs “needed my help”. Jeepers fellas, I’d love to help you out but I think I was in the John when it happened, sorry.

So Gary, who runs the website, gave me the third degree (by e-mail) and we put together a short little narrative/Q and A that can be found at Silverlight Cafe Magazine

Check out the other authors featured and enjoy!

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