Annie's Magic

Almost 90 in the shade and Annie has the right idea. She did come out to greet the hikers as they trudged into the clearing from the Appalachian Trail. Annie (the best Malshi on the planet), turns 14 this year (shhh, don’t tell her, she thinks she’s still 2) and her hiking days are limited to short walks now. But she was happy to be back on the Trail if only to provide water, cold cans of soda (no diet!) and snacks to those intrepid folks who have come over 1200 miles, so far, on their 2200 mile quest to reach Maine and Mt. Katadin. Only one other trail dog came by and “Sugar”, a 4 year old Pit mix, had her bowl of water and was ready to go on. Her human companions lingered a bit though.

Annie will be back soon in her role as Trail Angel; the “bubble” is spread out now from “Trail Days” and there will be plenty more thirsty and hungry NOBO’s coming thru. Oh, and the SOBO’s will be along any time now. Hike on!

6 thoughts on “ANNIE’S MAGIC

    • I’m planning a spring 2017 AT thru hike. Training is going well. Annie will have to stay home though she would go if given the chance. We were back on the Trail today and spent the day in the rain trying to brighten the hikers’ day. Bananas are the number one item reached for. A cold Coke is a close second.

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