CLOUD (July) 9 (th)

Cloud 9(th)

As hikers know, the weather forecast for the top of the mountain can and will be different from down in the bottom where the meteorologist is. “Sunny and warm with spotty afternoon thundershowers”turned out to be clouds, drizzle and just a little chilly. The sun did pop through though, just as we were driving back down the mountain at the end of the day. Sorry Annie, I’ll wash the mud off when we get home.

The trail magic had leftovers. We spotted the late day hikers some bananas but we will pay forward the rest of the goodies until next time. Only about fifteen made it out of the shelters and into the drizzle to stop in. Most were content with the lower temperatures but were dripping from the wet. Great conversations with “Pancake”, “Sneaky Pete” and all the others. Enjoy the rest of your hike and be safe. Annie and I will be back in a few days to pass out some more goodies along the ridge and maybe, just maybe with a new addition to the pack. Stay tuned…

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