Our Scout is now almost seven months old. He has bounced right back to his energetic puppy self after his recent “procedure” and has returned to the walking trails with Dad. We did a little over four miles today in the crisp fall sunshine and he was ready for more. Dad was not. The back has been acting up and caution is called for. But none the less, training for the March Appalachian Trail start is picking up.

Dogs seem to want to have a job, a mission, something to do. Scout loves his. Dragging this aging hiker along at the end of a leash looking over his shoulder at regular intervals to make sure the big lug is still there. For a young dog he has learned his lessons well and it makes one wonder; just who is training who?


9 thoughts on “WHO’S TRAINING WHO?

  1. Hi Mike! Nice to see you. I adore your little guy! I’ve been hit or miss in blogdom. Had eye surgery Oct 2015 and let’s just say I need MAJOR correction. Thankfully it’s Dec. 6 with a new ophthalmologist. No hiking for me this past year. With my poor vision I should use a walker! hahaha
    I love the name Scout. I’ve always had females (not sure why) but IF I had a male Scout was in my short list.

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