It seems so long ago but was just yesterday, really. The long and winding road to the release of my first novel capped off 2015 and rolled over into this past year and the release of the follow-up novel:

ROPE BREAK front cover

But no rest for this writer. New projects were underway and a big switch in genre produced my first historical novel:

CAPTAINS CROSS front cover

And then it was summer and along with work on the editing and preparation of two more upcoming releases, came big changes in real life and the addition of a new family member we have featured here several times:

Scout 3

Scout. So now, as we get ready for the New Year and try to keep the puppy out of the Christmas tree, another Sam Deland Crime Novel (SIDE SLIP) has been scheduled for release in February and the next historical novel (CAPTAIN’S SORTIE) will follow in the spring. A fourth crime novel is a little over half way through the first draft and the next historical is filling up the research file. I am so very grateful for the wonderful reviews the books have received. Should have retired sooner! But I caught The Child Bride searching the website of the dog breeder the other day. Looks like Scout might not be the newest thing in the house much longer.

So The Child Bride, Annie, Scout and your humble author wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the best for the New Year.

7 thoughts on “REFLECTION

  1. Thanks for keeping up with my blog, Mike. I have a couple sequels to Hawser I can send you , if you’re interested. I’m currently shopping for an agent for them. Love to see you get back into the flash fiction game, too. -JC

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    • Best of luck signing with an agent. If they have read HAWSER they should be camping on your front lawn. But that’s just the opinion of someone who has read hundreds of books over the years. What do I know? I do enjoy reading short/flash fiction but find it hard to dedicate time to my next novel. I have no idea how I ever got anything done before retirement. And in March I’m off to north Georgia to start the Appalachian Trail.


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