Beech 18 courtesy of Bob Burns

Someone else might have been confused. Sam had way too much water under his bridge to miss the message. What it meant remained to be seen but it spun him into motion and put the “character” with twin engines into the story. What happens next? Stay tuned…

From my recently released novel, SIDE SLIP:

“Mom? Mom?” Sam was stunned. It didn’t add up to two. The tow plane roared and began to move a 1-26 down the runway. He was standing just outside the judge’s tent and had been yukking it up with the other officials while the contestants were launching for their practice flights.

He redialed his dad’s phone but before it could ring, he cut it off and stood there staring down. It only took a moment for him to run the scenarios out and find no reason for what he had just heard. The alarm bells inside began to clang and clang loudly.

He just took off at a dead run toward the far end of the runway where the Beech was parked. She’d never referred to herself as “Mother” and had never called him “Samuel”, not since he painted her orange cat blue when he was seven. And Jake didn’t have an army anything. No Deland had been in the army since the Civil War. Eileen? She was there, right?

He didn’t even wave at Jack and Bea as he streaked past. He got to the parked twin engine plane, kicked the wheel chocks aside and wrenched open the cargo door. He violated all of his strict pilot rules by lunging into the left seat and began snapping switches and setting levers. No pre-flight on this run.

Photo courtesy of Bob Burns

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