A trail lunch the day before. I brought way too much food so I need to lightem the pack. Tomorrow they drop is onto the Appalachian Ttail fot real. The adventure begins.

24 thoughts on “IT BEGINS (2)

  1. Right now, two weeks after knee replacement, I can make it to the mailbox and back…so I am good only for moral support which you have, and along with it goes an equal amount of envy which I have….have a great walk Mike!

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    • It ends! Busted a knee (not the one I was worried about) on the way down the first mountain. Struggled for three more days and had to make it into a section hike. The Trail will still be there for my next section hike.


  2. Just remember that it’s okay to let all of the 20-somethings pass you by. They will do 20 miles a day for three days and then crash for three days. Slow and steady wins the race. Stay safe and have fun!

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  3. OMG it’s time already!!! Best of luck. If I could make it through the Maine & NH mountains to NYS on fake knees, you can make it all the way!


  4. Mike, I’m sorry to see yo had an injury. I leave next month for the NE and then westward to Glacier NP. I’m starting with day hikes of 1-2 miles for a month or two. I will tackle the John Muir trails day hikes until its gets too cold. You get better and attack the trails when the limbs are better. 🙂

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