The “good” knee went “bad” on the way down from Springer. Four days of denial didn’t work and some very kind trail “Angels” helped get this wounded hiker back to a life of comfort and hot meals. So it’s a “section” hike for now. Good thing is: The Trail will still be there for some more sections in the future.

10 thoughts on “IT ENDS!

  1. Mike!!!! I was depending on you to ease my rehab, which is going horribly. Must be a bad month for knees. I am truly sorry that you had to abandon you trek…for now. Down, but not out…carry on!

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  2. I’m sorry about your knee. My husband has knee problems, too. 😦 Not fun.

    While on my thru-hike, sometimes I wondered if doing the trail as a section hike, piece by piece, would have been more enjoyable. At times, my thru-hike felt like an endurance race.

    Nothing like spending a week in the woods to make a shower and a hot meal feel like you won the lottery!

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    • I’m not done with the AT. I’ll do short trips and try to reduce my pack weight. I have a book in my research file that I am looking forward to writing this summer and will use a few trips up to “my” section of the AT to ponder some eloquent prose. It was hard to pull the pin and end my attempt but it was the right thing to do.

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    • No, no, don’t be sorry! The AT will still be there tomorrow. The stars do not align for everyone who wants to thru hike. I met many hikers who were there for THEIR hike be it short or long. I will continue to hike the Trail but in shorter bits that my aging frame allows. My summer will be filled with research and writing a new novel with trips to the mountain to sleep under the stars thrown in.

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  3. Sorry about your knee but glad it’s better. Before I had mine replaced I remember how it felt to walk down an incline – not nice. In a way I’m glad my SOBO ended when I was on CT/NY border. I realized that thru hiking wasn’t for me – and that’s ok. I loved doing Maine because living in the triangle of the Western Mountains, I was able to do a large amount as day or 2 day hikes. That in of itself was fun as I had a chance to hike with each of my dog; something I wouldn’t have been able to do on a thru. With the exception of BSP which is one of the (I think 3) places on the AT with a No Dog policy, I was accompanied each step of the way by either my GSDs or hubby’s little Chiweenie.
    And you’re absolutely right about reducing pack weight. I actually got a different pack at a REI store while hiking. Exchanged an Osprey Ariel 65 pack for a Gregory J63. World of difference.
    Will be looking forward to the book!

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