A new country not yet on its own. A frontier awash in blood and terror. Everything was a struggle with the outcome seriously in doubt. Five years after the crew survived the first battles between the colonial powers for control of America, they find themselves in hostile territory facing danger.

In July the second in my historical fiction series, CAPTAIN’S SORTIE, will be released. The first, CAPTAIN’S CROSS, began the story of Ben Deland, his family and crew of the sailing ship, Annabelle. Now, the land and sea adventure continues with new challenges, new characters and some surprising twists for those we met before.

From my soon to be released historical novel, CAPTAIN’S SORTIE:


Thomas watched as Ben took the yellow gelding back up the river valley, leaving Thomas the bedroll and both rifles. He would not need the fine horse on the lake in the rough, leaky boats. Thomas thought he understood the danger of what he was going into and bid a worried Ben goodbye, saying, “I’ll see you when we return.”

A place to sleep in one of the officer’s tents was found and then he wandered down to the shore to have a look at the boats that would carry them across. He was not impressed.

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