Kindred Passage cover

I had the honor to review a fellow Rogue Phoenix Press author’s psychological thriller, KINDRED PASSAGE, and found my self envious of Gregory’s ability to paint a mental picture so vivid and alive. Combining history and suspense, who’d a thunk it!


Kindred Passage

by Gregory Gourlay

Psychological action/adventure

Explore the African Veldt, the Zambezi River and the minds of people caught up in a hundred-year long story of war, love and evil. This dark tale of frontier Africa from the 1860’s and from the 1960’s is a dual story within a story of family saga; a stinging commentary on race and war. Ken Mallory’s coming of age adventures as a contractor in developing twentieth century Africa are clouded with his self-doubts spurred by a tragic family history. Part of that history is the snippets he knows of his great, great grandfather who had his own troubles in the same land when Africa was still unsettled and very tribal. Bad guys and good guys all riddled with angst and heroics in a life and death page turning narrative. Some enterprising Hollywood producer needs to put this lively story up on a wide screen and bathe the audience in the beauty of the African palate with the interesting and magnetic characters saying and doing the intriguing things Gregory has written. Don’t pass up this book.

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