Lost Prince cover

Lucky me. It’s been raining for a couple of days and the much needed flower power has left me with time normally reserved for hosing them down to keep them alive. So, an opportunity to read another of fellow Rogue Phoenix Press author Gregory Gourlay’s stunning novels presented itself. Time well spent.


Lost Prince

by Greg Gourlay

Yet another foray into the mysterious reaches of foreign lands guided by the inspired writing of Gregory Gourlay. With his previous work, Kindred Passage, we absorbed his vivid story of Africa and now, in Lost Prince, it is the Andes. Inca gold, Spanish armor and a contemporary adventure overlaid with one set over four hundred years before. A civilization conquered in colonial greed and the story within a story of the modern-day search for Inca gold and the truth. Again, Gourlay has written a brilliant novel filled with soaring landscapes, glaring bad guys and heroes vulnerable to their own doubts. Action and adventure, deceit, love, suspense and history rolled into a fast-paced fictional feast for the mind. More Gregory, more.

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