Two terrorists on the run and out ahead of the pursuit. A determined Texas Ranger and a doubting ATF agent are trying to find them before more bodies appear.

From my recently released crime/detective novel, GROUND EFFECT:

The little wrinkles around her lips were just starting to show. Too many years of cigarettes catching up with what was an almost pretty face. She told them what she knew and when Gerry shut off the recorder, she then took him out onto the porch of the diner so she could smoke another one. “Right over there. That shitty little motel. It was parked halfway down the row, backed in. They sometimes do that so they can pull their luggage put of the trunk.” She pointed with the hand holding the cigarette then turned back to Gerry and grinned. Trish was still inside on her phone.

“You and her?” she asked, sucking in a lung full and showing those little wrinkles.

“Naw, strictly business, so far.” Gerry grinned back.

“He was trying to hit on me. Clumsy. Like he had trouble putting lines together. A little rough. I didn’t think them Islams drank. He had a few beers and loosened up but then he kinda got sleepy and gave up. Funny, he kept looking up at the TV. It was off but he kept looking up at it. We only put it on for Rangers or Astros games or football, any goddamned football.”

“He say anything else? Mention any cities or states?” Gerry asked.

“Just how late we was open. Like he wanted to know what time I got off, you know? Which is soon tonight, by the way.” The grin widened and a few eyelash bats were added.

Gerry looked past her and saw Trish starting out the door. “Thanks, here’s my card.” Gerry flipped it over and wrote his cell number on the back. “The federal cops will be here eventually. Tell them what you told us but if you remember anything else, call me first, please.”

“Oh, I will. I will.” She watched Trish walk up to them and caught the look in Trish’s eye when she saw Gerry hand the card over.

They made the short drive to the motel and went inside to get what little the owner could tell them. It wasn’t much and the room had been cleaned since they left. Gerry spent a few minutes pawing through the small dumpster and the trash from the rooms but only got his latex gloves dirty. On the way back to the interstate, they passed by the diner and saw a shiny sedan parked in front. Gerry recognized the obvious crease in the passenger door, the broken mirror and the Louisiana tag.

“They’re finally moving. We’ll have to stay out in front of them so they don’t screw this up. Where to next?” Gerry saw Trish on the laptop.

“Well, we have a choice. Two Latinos in a white car in Arkansas or a truck stop in Louisiana and two Arabs.”

Gerry said, “East, for now. Tell me about the truck stop.”

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