It has to happen. This time of year here in the northern latitudes, the organic computer circuits hidden in the leaves and flowers sense the sun lowering on the southern horizon and staying aloft for a little less each day. The Child Bride worked hard this year with her rescued babies. Almost all of her flowers came from the racks at the back of the garden center. Left there to die from neglect, too much sun, too much or not enough water, and unforgiving wind. She brought them home to her back yard, nursed them back to health, and potted and planted. She got a lot of help keeping them watered during the hottest and driest times of the summer and it showed.

But alas, the fall has descended upon us and only a few will winter over on the sun porch or under lights in the basement. A bit of a start for next spring and her prowl around those racks at the back of the garden center.

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