The twins 12 weeks 2 We are very fortunate to add two new fuzzy faces to our pack. Ollie (right) and Abby came to live with us about three weeks ago. Ollie is our daughter’s new baby and his “little” sister Abby just had to come along with him. How lucky are we?

9 thoughts on “IT’S TWINS!

  1. They look like a breed that is getting popular here – Maltipoo – cross between a Maltese and a toy or Miniature Poodle. Cute as all get out. But judging by my friend’s one, completely untrainable. LOL. No doubt they will have the household trained to their liking in no time flat.

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    • They are Shih Tzu. We have had several over the years that are crossed with Maltese and Bichon. They are completely trainable and make wonderful companions. Our daughter lost one of hers last year and we decided to get another. Ended up coming home with two! But they are great little dogs and fit in very well with our existing pack.

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