saturn five rocket But it was worth it. My college Cooperative Education assignment was quite an adventure. Astronauts, rockets, beaches and things that make young men and young women young men and young women. And no mud. NASA, summer 1969. It seems impossible it was fifty years ago. Somewhere in my attic is a box with photos and memorabilia from Apollo 11 through Apollo 15 accumulated during my stint at Kennedy Space Center. The celebrity filled viewing stands for the Apollo 11 launch, Apollo 12 and the secret Service “Nixon” pen I received for sheltering a couple of rain soaked agents on the press bus, pictures of the Apollo 13 crew walking out of the MSB for their ride to the nearly ill fated launch and so many more memories. Meeting senators, astronauts and movie stars and the not-so-thrilling hours of office work between launches. Work experience instead of waking up in the brown sludge up in Bethel, New York. But I did go to see the movie.


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