After writing professional documents for many years, Mike has finally devoted time to his true passion, writing fiction where the story and characters come alive in the reader’s mind. While his days were filled with authoring hundreds of detailed crime reports, arrest affidavits, search warrants and grand jury presentments, he took some of his own time and devoured books by the dozens. Reading not only was a rewarding diversion, it provided him with the added education he needed to function at a high level in his profession.

This has led to the creation of Mike’s crime/suspense/detective novels SINK RATE, ROPE BREAK and SIDE SLIP, the first three in the Sam Deland Crime Novel series.

SINK RATE Synopsis:

Corporal Sam Deland has a lot on his plate. He’s a dog lover, single dad, jet pilot, likes girls and his tight knit state police squad is buried under the weight of an unsolved brutal double murder that has stunned his quiet upstate community.  The pressure mounts as Sam’s team tracks the bad guys into Philadelphia’s tough, gritty streets.  The characters are the real story though and with humor, hard work and luck Sam’s team draws the reader’s mind to unexpected and surprising places. Realistic police work with a rich descriptive character and scene portrayal is carefully crafted into a story that will be hard to put down.



ROPE BREAK Synopsis:

He’s worried about being due in Federal Court tomorrow and trying to enjoy his day off when it turns ugly once again. Corporal Sam Deland is drawn into another mystery double murder in his usually quiet suburban community and Sam’s team of state police investigators have to dig deep into the gang and drug underground to find the shooters.  The Oz, Calvin and Johnny are as different as could be but these tough, smart state troopers meld together their talents to work through the twisting trail of leads on this bloody case with Sam.  But just as Sam sees the mystery starting to come together he is slammed in the face with his own family tragedy when Sam’s 18 year old son and his son’s beautiful Cuban-American girlfriend turn up missing and in danger over a thousand miles away.

A can-not-put-it-down story with action, drama and even humor here and there as Sam balances his professional and personal life trying not to foul up either one.  Great characters, even the bad guys, and vivid scene descriptions make this a story for any reader to thoroughly enjoy.   Another truly stunning novel from the author of the Sam Deland crime story, SINK RATE.


SIDE SLIP Synopsis:

Stuck in paradise and he isn’t very happy about it. Even the beautiful lady detective that gunned down the man trying to kill them both can’t get him to stay. Corporal Sam Deland wants out. Back to work leading his squad of state troopers and home where he can take up the life he had to put on hold. But Sam isn’t the only one wanting him to return. The woman he left behind is waiting for him and so is the Russian Mob. Sam’s past is catching up with him and he doesn’t see it coming, yet. Detective Christie O’Shea, the pretty Florida cop that nursed Sam back to health won’t have the time to miss him when he’s gone. Murder is what she is paid to solve and she has to go after a killer that has sent shock waves deep into the police community around her. A triple play of heart stopping and heart warming suspense, action and life as Sam, his troopers and Christie all find they are in the middle of murders and mobsters. A story that twists and turns through the investigations and the lives of characters you will grow to know, to cheer and to fear. Sharp dialogue, real characters and enough drama, humor and mystery to keep the reader up late not ready to put it down yet. Another thrilling Sam Deland crime novel from the author of SINK RATE and ROPE BREAK.

In the fiction stream to follow the Sam Deland crime/detective/suspense novels, Mike has fulfilled a personal challenge and a dream building for many years. The land and sea action adventure historical novel CAPTAIN’S CROSS.



by Mike Fuller

A Deland sea and land adventure novel


The French are out and causing havoc. Along the western colonial frontier in 1753 Ben Deland is on the edge of the conflict and finds himself in a life and death struggle to survive Indians, pirates and murderers. This young hunter, scout and ship’s captain has assembled a loyal and capable crew to help him face the perils of wilderness mountains and the dangers of the high seas. Ben foils an Indian attack and rescues victims of French Indian terror in the New York wooded hills. He then brings his sleek Bermuda sloop and crew down the Hudson to sea only to fall in love with a surprise passenger and be forced to defend his ship and true love from a deadly pirate attack and a pitched battle with French warships.

Ben is drawn into the service of a young Virginia Militia Major on a desperate mission up frozen rivers to a fateful meeting with the French Army. Ben leads his First Officer, a mountain of half Susquehannock Indian-half black Shakespeare quoting fury and a fourteen year old boy turned young frontiersman by necessity on a harrowing cross mountain secret mission through Indian and unsettled territory. Braving wild animal and wild man attacks, Ben has to desperately struggle to reach Major George Washington in time to prevent his death at the hands of the French and Indians. Great characters and scene portrayal with action, adventure and drama in the wilderness and at sea. A novel laced with humor, and real history, even a love story all so compelling that everyone who starts this book will refuse to put it down.


And the adventures of the Deland family continues with CAPTAIN’S SORTIE:


by Mike Fuller

A Deland sea and land adventure novel


The American colonial frontier is at war and stained in the blood of farmer and soldier alike. French generals have filled the land with armies of white uniformed troops and heir north woods Indian allies. No one is safe from the perils of this conflict that seems to have no end. Captain Ben Deland sails north from the warm Caribbean with more than one mission to accomplish. The war is not going well for the British and Americans in the late winter of 1758 and Ben once again must lead his loyal crew ashore and into the dangerous forests and mountains to face the French and Indians.

But the British have undertaken a great task to stop the French from overwhelming the Hudson and splitting the colonies in two. Captain Deland is drawn to their aid and then has to launch a desperate rescue into the dangerous wilderness filled with enemies to find the victims of the war raging all around them.

Sea and shore action and adventure told through the stories of the men and women who face overwhelming obstacles and evil characters. Real history mixed with rich descriptive portrayals of nature and man set in the violence and uncertainty of war on the colonial frontier. Another thrilling novel from the author of CAPTAIN’S CROSS.


All five have been contracted for publication with Rogue Phoenix Press, roguephoenixpress.com  SINK RATE was released in November, 2015, ROPE BREAK in February, 2016 and SIDE SLIP in 2017. CAPTAIN’S CROSS is now out on Amazon and elsewhere. CAPTAIN’S SORTIE was released in the summer of 2017 and the next crime novel, GROUND EFFECT, was released in January 2018.



Sam Deland, promoted to lieutenant and in charge of a new state police major crimes unit, has to spread his manpower across half the state to go after the killers of a mob wife, a teenager and the horrific murders of the innocent children of Amish farmers. But his troubles soar to a higher level when the FBI and a Texas Ranger descend upon him chasing terrorists into the Pennsylvania hills.

From the arid scrub of south Texas to middle Tennessee and suburban Maryland, murderous terrorists carve a path of death and destruction on their mission to get to the usually serene Pennsylvania Poconos and a strike against sacred American values. Pursued by a determined Texas Ranger, who enlists the help of Sam and his troopers, it’s a race against time and the FBI to find the bad guys before they can kill again.

A story within a story within a story. Real characters, real drama, a bit of humor and what makes men and women men and women. Sam has to keep it all from falling apart around him and deal with the pressure from above, outside and his own inner doubts. Another thrilling Sam Deland Crime Novel by the author of Sink Rate, Rope Break and Side Slip.


Mike writes with the real life experience that many years of law enforcement shaped and influenced. The stories may be fiction but are based on how things happen in the real world.  His books are honest and captivating novels written with a unique voice that will both chill and charm.

Mike is a veteran police detective. He did it all from rookie patrolman to Senior Special Agent. His life has been enriched by a wonderful marriage, parenting, work, flying, sailing and good books. Mike is a lifelong outdoorsman, an experienced tactical firearms instructor, champion sailplane pilot and the captain of his own sailboat. All of these skills have made his novels vivid, exciting and real. Now retired after a career with three law enforcement agencies, Mike enjoys reading, writing and researching the next novel at his rural Pennsylvania home.

On Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/mikefullerauthor

On Twitter:  @mikefullerwrite

33 thoughts on “About

  1. The main character in my first two novels is a former carrier pilot. One of his troopers is a former army ranger. I went “on the cops” out of college instead of the military. But that was in the mid 70’s when many of the guys working with me were former military officers rifted from their commissions during the post Vietnam cut backs. I have a great interest in and enjoy researching the military parts of my fiction.

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  2. I enjoy historical fiction and am in the process of writing about Newfoundland’s involvement in the Battle of the Somme during WW1. The son of a survivor had given me detailed description of life in the trenches. Your detective books sound very interesting as well.

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  3. Hi Mike, just now catching up with all the likes and new follows after GP Cox re-blogged my Catalina article. Hooley-dooley. Anyway, thanks for coming on board with my blog and I hope you will enjoy some of the upcoming stories. I will be following yours also. Just had a quick read of the Naples-
    Ferrari/Dog outing. Very enlightening! GG

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    • Looking forward to the historical information. History has always been a curiosity for me. Much of the fiction and non-fiction I have read over the years has been historical. I am working on the third in my series of crime/detective novels while researching the second in my historical series. I’m in the 1750’s with the historicals so I have a ways to go to get to WWII!


      • You might have liked the short talk I attended on the Boer War recently. Australian (or should I say – ‘colonial’) perspective. I am trying to research my great-grandmother as basis for an historical novel, and wouldn’t you know it, I am finding heaps about her much younger brother (who amongst other things served in the Imperial Stretcher Bearers in Boer War). Not so much on her though. I did have a quick look at your books yesterday. Looks as if you have turned your very interesting background into a great creative pursuit.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Working on it. Got a late start or should I say re-start. SINK RATE was written almost 20 years ago. First draft was shelved for many years until I retired. An author friend did a courtesy read and encouraged me to try for publication. After a total re-write to tighten and to modernize, the query process began along with the second novel. And here we are. Rather like riding over the falls. Now I say “semi-retired”.


  4. I know the feeling. I started mine about ten years ago. What has come out the other end is nothing like how it began. But when writing novels, I can appreciate the problem with changing technology and attitudes outstripping the narrative if they are set in the present. Good luck with them both!

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  5. Hi Mike…just a quick note to say thank you for stopping by marc’s blog yesterday…I will attempt to return the favor and check out some of your work later this week—kind of loaded with a busy to-do list this week. I think I work as hard in retirement as I did when I was getting paid. You haven’t been sitting still either judging the number of books you’ve pumped out. Are you still flying? Did you build your plane? I don’t fly but always wish I had learned. I did sail for a few years on the Chesapeake so I at least got out of the house! Go Cubs!
    Marc Kuhn

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  6. Hello Sir,

    Found you after doing a search of airplane topics. I am a novice writer and longtime pilot. I am glad to see that there are real pilots out there writing novels, gives me hope. With your permission, I would like to become a follower of your site.


    Liked by 1 person

      • Mike,

        Sorry to learn that your not flying any longer but so glad to have found you and your writing. I have almost taken the summer off from writing and blogging because it is so time consuming but with the kids heading back to school next week, I will hopefully have more time to start blogging regular again. One of the topics I intend to cover is what I read over the summer, specifically the books that had an aviation thread woven in it. I must say that I was really disappointed in the level of reality that the various authors did with the flying scenes. I only read a single book that was realistic when it dealt with aviation. I am going to make the offer to anyone who writes that I am always willing to help authors craft their aviation scenes so that it is at least plausible fiction. I am sure that your work is rock solid in that area but if you ever have any questions or have others who have questions, I am glad to help.

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      • Soaring is all about stick and rudder. Matching what you feel through the aircraft to the outside conditions. My 1-26 had only basic flight instruments but it was what the plane itself was telling me that really counted. SINK RATE features a 1-26 and a Lear. ROPE BREAK, the 1-26, Citabria, Cessna 182, the Lear and the real star, a Supercub. CAPTAIN’S CROSS is set in the 1750’s but sailing ships and mountains provide the adventure. SIDE SLIP stars a Beech 18 in a VERY dramatic role. Stay tuned, SINK RATE is scheduled to come out in October with the rest to follow.


  7. Thanks for liking my blog post. I’m a tech writer and wrote aircraft engine manuals for 16 years. Now writing on a S. Korean sub, the Jangbogo 3. Your fiction looks good. Will have to pay a visit to the land of Sam Deland. Thanks again.

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